Surpass the Competition: Business Etiquette and Protocol

In today’s highly competitive workplace, both domestic and international businesses look for associates with more than just the latest…

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Business Etiquette and Protocol: More than Just a Proper Introduction

Let’s face it, ours is an uneasy global economy challenging everyone’s employment security. It only makes sense that the more you…

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Who can Benefit from Having Better Business Etiquette Skills?

Anyone who needs to form solid business relationships will benefit from improving his or her etiquette skills. Make an excellent impression…

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Productive Networking and Good Business Manners

Effective networking in business and social situations can have an enormous effect on a company’s image. Confident networkers are…

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International Etiquette Centre Welcomes You

The International Etiquette Centre provides etiquette services to a worldwide audience. Whether you contact us because you own a private business or a large company, government or international enterprises, we assist you to master all levels of business etiquette, customer service, professional image and global protocol. We also offer Train-the-Trainer to certify etiquette consultants. We promote and teach the benefits of good manners, because they are always in style; people enjoy having the confidence to do the right thing for every occasion, whether in business or social situations.
Our company has been in business for over twenty years. Before moving to Florida, our founder, Elena Brouwer, had been involved in teaching for the beauty industry; she taught at the United Nations, Washington D.C. and throughout the world as she traveled first with her parents and later on her own as the certified etiquette consultant for her company. Last year alone, she has visited more than 10 countries conducting business etiquette workshops, international protocol, customer service, and doing research on the latest teaching techniques available.

Proper business manners are a universal theme wherever there are companies wishing to succeed. Who hasn’t encountered a rude employee at a bank, restaurant or retail business? Our workshops help businesses resolve their etiquette problems and are always tailored to the needs of the project. We have a number of consultants to assist us to provide the best and most up to date training. Our corporate office is in Hollywood, FL USA; however, we travel to your location to present our workshops.

Learn More About Elena Brouwer

Our Services

Business Etiquette

Learn how to move smoothly from one business opportunity to the next.

Customer Service Plus

Learn how your business can improve its bottom line with the right training for your staff.

International Protocol

Effective cross-cultural communication maintains your competitive edge.

Personal Image

Let your attire reflect your personality, while looking professional at the same time.

Trainer Certification

Create a business based on strong values, international travel and flexible work hours.

Young Professionals

Good manners builds leadership, refines social skills,and increases self-confidence.

We offer training for the international IITTI (“ET”) certification

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