How to Make a Good Impression at Work


It is important to always be on our best behavior at work, knowing that even the little things add to or take away from our professional image. This can often be difficult because we get comfortable at work, with the many casual conversations and interactions we have with our co-workers, who often become friends. But keeping the following simple Dos and Don’ts in mind can help any new hire or long-time employee, in any department, make a good impression in the work place


Say please and thank you.
Dress professionally.
Ask permission to enter a co-worker’s space or cubicle.
Have a sense of humor.
Be courteous and show respect toward others.
Take responsibility for your mistakes.
Use a breath mint after you eat or smoke.
Eat well and exercise; being fit will promote a healthy image.
Be a team player: happily pitch in when asked to do extra work.
Keep your car clean, inside and out. You never know when you may need to offer a ride!

Say it’s not your job.
Let your desk, cubicle, or office get messy.
Interrupt others.
Have an office romance.
Use drugs or alcohol at work.
Be a chronic complainer.
Bring your personal life to work.
Show up late.
Gossip or repeat malicious comments. Would you want coworkers gossiping about you?
If your company would like to schedule a workshop to learn more about Office Etiquette, please contact me!

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