Business Etiquette and Protocol: More than Just a Proper Introduction


Let’s face it, ours is an uneasy global economy challenging everyone’s employment security. It only makes sense that the more you bring to the table, the more you contribute to your company’s bottom line, and the greater the asset you are to your employer, colleagues, and yourself.

Consider your etiquette skills an all-purpose safeguard for both your business and social reputation, and a necessary component of job security. Never underestimate the value of good manners. For instance, my client Kim B. learned the hard way that ordering the most expensive dish during a business lunch, and barely touching it, did not sit well with the host. She learned through the grapevine she lost the business she was soliciting due to this gaffe. The International Etiquette Centre is now on her side, helping to improve her approach to burgeoning business relationships.


We use interactive and role-playing methods during our Business Etiquette Training Workshops to make it more memorable. You will learn in a fun and friendly environment. Most of our participants agree that this approach makes the lessons stick.


With our guidance, you will gain a clear understanding of the acceptable options for using electronic devices in various settings, and learn the best approach to specifically deal with today’s issues, including:

  • Appropriate use of your cell phone in a restaurant
  • Respectful approach to entering a colleague’s cubicle when there’s no door to knock on
  • Appropriate smart phone, laptop and tablet use at meeting
  • Social Media manners
  • When and where to text and leaving proper voice mails


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