Etiquette Quiz


#1. I should use a cupped handshake (in which your left hand covers the normal handshake) to show my sincerity and interest when greeting someone for the first time.

#2. On any type of table setting, my drinks are on my left along with my bread plate.

#3. It is acceptable to dress down for an interview if I know that the company I am interviewing for is having a casual day.

#4. When at a restaurant, it is appropriate to rest my soup spoon and butter knife on the saucer plate instead than on the table.

#5. If at a business event you meet the CEO of an important corporation, you should give her your business card as soon as you greet her.

#6. When you answer the phone for someone who is unavailable, the first words out of your mouth should be “Who is calling please?”

#7. At a social gathering, a toast is proposed in your honor, so you say “thank you” and don’t take a sip of you drink. Is this appropriate?

#8. You are hosting a dinner party at a restaurant for your most valuable client and his wife. You instruct the waiter to serve your client’s spouse first. Is this correct?

#9. When invited to dinner at a private home, you should wait for the host to place his napkin on the dinner table to signal that dinner is over before you do.

#10. You are throwing a surprise party for your parents’ 25th anniversary. They have everything they need. Is it appropriate to ask the guests for money instead of presents?

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