Everyday Etiquette Quiz


#1. You sneeze and your friend hands you one of their cloth handkerchiefs. You:

#2. Which of the following is true in regards to escalator etiquette?

#3. You are a female financial advisor, and one of your male clients holds the door as you walk into the bank. You should:

#4. You had an intense workout at the gym and are feeling great about it. As you walk away from the treadmill, you notice you left sweat all over it. You should:

#5. How long before a wedding should save the date invitations be sent out?

#6. If you are a business owner, why is setting up business gift guidelines a good idea?

#7. When someone you know passes away, it is it appropriate to send a gift to the family?

#8. You are sending an important message to a colleague on Facebook. TYPING IN ALL CAPS indicates:

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