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“There is no time like the present to work on giving your best first impression.”

Knowing how to dress right for every occasion, having good quality clothing, and expanding your wardrobe by adding the necessary accessories will make you look successful, and will facilitate the process of dressing in the morning. Let your attire reflect your personality, while looking professional at the same time. You may or may not be are aware that you are judged by the way you dress.

Do these scenarios ever happen at your workplace?

  • Men coming to work wearing wrinkled clothes because they assume that clothes that say “permanent press” do not need ironing?
  • Women going without stockings or pantyhose because “we live in a tropical climate”?
  • Is Casual Friday the day that everyone shows up in his or her sexiest attire to show off their great shapes?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, they need our help!

You may need a one-on-one consultation, a shopping trip to add more up-to-date clothes to your wardrobe, or you may need attire to meet newly implemented dress code requirements. Things that will have an impact on your image:

  • Hair color and style for your age and company position
  • For women, make-up tips to improve your looks
  • Clothes that fit, regardless of your weight gain or weight loss
  • Accessories that will enhance the clothes you already own

Who needs an Image Makeover?

  • Newly hired employees
  • Men and women changing careers
  • Candidates going on new job interviews
  • People who need to change from work to after-hours events attire
  • Businesses that want to improve employee morale
  • Men and women who have lost or gained weight recently
  • Front office personnel
  • Professional men and women looking for a promotion
  • If you are ready for a new look, we are here to help you achieve it.

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