Young Professionals

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“Give yourself the advantage of business etiquette and professional presentation know-how.”

Searching for a job and going through college admissions interviews are two of the most nerve-wracking experiences for a person who is not properly prepared. Having good manners builds leadership, refines social skills, improves your image and increases your self-confidence. All of these elements are fundamental to your success.

Skills Training for New Grads

  • Social and communications skills
  • How to start a conversation
  • Dating do’s and don’ts
  • How to ace the interview
  • Confident posture, gestures and body language
  • Proper handling of silverware and other dining manners
  • Interviews over a meal
  • How to acquire a basic wardrobe on a budget
  • Tips for personal grooming and hairstyles
  • Successful public speaking
  • Campus lectures and demonstrations on business and dining etiquette

Programs may be scheduled at schools, campuses, restaurants, community centers, and private venues.

Our dining etiquette seminars are interactive, include real food and are lots of fun.

For more information Please feel free to contact us: (954) 921-0565 / (305) 332-4527 or via email

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