International Protocol

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“In the global marketplace, the person with good manners stands apart from the crowd.”

Advances in communications and technology mean that the world is getting smaller each day. We routinely interact with people from other cultures without leaving our own countries. Effective cross-cultural communication is vital to maintaining your competitive edge in the international arena.



International Protocol

  • Global forms of addressing others
  • Making small talk with international clients
  • Gestures and do’s and don’ts of the world
  • Appropriate personal space when socializing
  • Proper business attire in a foreign country
  • Gift giving: what and when
  • Meeting and greeting dignitaries
  • Doing the right thing during a meal while in a foreign country
  • Where to dine when your international clients come to town
  • Packing for business travel


Who Needs International Protocol Training?

  • International business travelers
  • Executives and support staff
  • International sales, advertising and marketing professionals
  • Personnel working with diplomats or dignitaries
  • Event planners
  • Salespeople who interact with international clients
  • College professors and graduate students who interact with foreign, visiting academics
  • Airport, cruise line and hotel personnel
  • Elected city and municipal officials and their personnel



“The workshops from the International Etiquette Centre made me understand that when working for a global company it is not only important to know the proper rituals in my home country, but also how to be a good host for foreign guests. I now feel secure in many tricky situations when I need to focus on negotiations or tough business discussions.”

Dr. Sigrid Rath,

Marketing Director

Novartis Pharmac Vienna, Austria

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