Business Etiquette

“Your manners are your calling card. Keep them in good shape.”

Many executives break into a sweat at the thought of making small talk. International Etiquette Centre can teach you how to move smoothly from one business opportunity to the next and really work that room.

Who Benefits from Business Etiquette?

  • New employees that need to start with the right company philosophy and proper business savvy
  • Employees who have potential, but lack the soft skills to move up the leadership ladder
  • Sales force personnel who want to increase their marketability
  • Office managers who want to deal effectively with their staff
  • Graduate students in law and business, college seniors and recent college graduates who need to fine-tune their images to succeed in the business world
  • Career transitioners
  • Financial advisors, investment brokers, and private bankers who must project an aura of success and credibility
  • Female executives who need to learn up-to-date business and personal image secrets to continue climbing the ladder of success
  • Professionals conducting business with international clients or who travel to other countries
  • Self-employed individuals who want to enhance their professional presence

Productive Networking and Business Manners

Companies need people who can network effectively in business, as well as in social situations. Learn how to move smoothly from one business opportunity to the next and walk away feeling in control.

“Schmooze” and Gain the Confidence to Work a Room Successfully

  • Plan before you arrive
  • Engage in small-talk
  • Introduce yourself
  • Use body language
  • Introduce others
  • Mingle successfully
  • Master your business card protocol
  • Follow up with new contacts

Our dining etiquette seminars are interactive, include real food and are lots of fun.

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